Smart Home Problem

While smart home devices have come a long way, a few challenges to mass adoption remain

Lockout and security sensor failure due to dead battery

Smart Home Problem

Recurring cost of batteries

Recurring cost of batteries

Inconvenience and downtime from frequently changing batteries

frequently changing sensor batteries

Smart Home Solution

World’s First Wireless Power Network

  • Over-the-air charging up to 12 feet
  • Devices and charger connect automatically to keep the devices powered at all times
  • System operates in unlicensed spectrum without causing interference to other wireless electronics
  • Compliant with FCC safety standards
Smart Home Solution


Smart Locks and Door Bells

Smart Locks and Door Bells

Security Sensors

Security Sensors




AeroCharge Wireless Wall Adapter

Wireless Wall Adapter

AeroCharge Wireless Receiver Module

Wireless Receiver Module

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Smart Locks and Door Bells

Security Sensors

Max Charging Distance

6 feet

12 feet

Transmit Power

1 Watt

Transmitter Input Voltage

100 – 240 V AC

Receiver Output Power

2 mW / 3 dBm

100 uW / -10 dBm

Receiver Output Voltage

6 V

1 V

Electrical Field of View

± 45 degrees / 90 degrees

Operating temperature

-20C to 85C

Number of devices charging at the same time


Required Certifications

FCC Title 47 Part 15 & 18

Other Features

Foreign Object Detection.
BLE two-way communication with receiver.