Inventory Tracking Problem

Current Supply Chain Systems Suffer from Critical Flaws

Manual barcode and RFID scanning causes low accuracy and product delays

Inventory Tracking Problem

Manual tracking processes are expensive, slow and at risk of costly labor shortages


Supply chain decisions are based on poor, outdated data

poor and outdated data

Inventory Tracking Solution

Long-Range RFID Tracking with Machine Learning

Gain accurate real-time visibility of inventory throughout the supply chain

  • Inventory in facility is continuously scanned by our long-range RFID readers
  • Item details and location are sent to the existing inventory management system in real time
  • Can be customized to integrate with SAP, Oracle, Blue Yonder and custom warehouse management systems

Use machine learning algorithms to develop intelligent resupply plans

  • Inventory data and AI combine to automate reordering planning
RFID Tracking with Machine Learning

Supply Chain Machine Learning Algorithm

Stop demand-based inventory problems before they start

  • Analyzes existing inventory data to identify key patterns and trends
  • Uses demand forecasting to predict when items will go out of stock
  • Creates dynamic resupply plans that prevent inventory shortages and oversupply

Meet inventory goals with less manual work

  • Incorporate existing inventory rules into machine learning algorithm
  • Maintain stable stock levels while using existing Inventory Management Software
Machine Learning Algorithm

Patented Long Range RFID Tracking System

Know the location of every item 24/7

  • Up to 100ft / 30m coverage distance

  • 360° coverage radius

  • Up to 1000 tags scanned per second

  • No tag battery charging or replacement required

  • No line of sight needed

Long Range RFID Tracking System


Fulfillment and Shipping Centers

Shipping Centers

Retail Stores

Retail Stores

Manufacturing facilities

Manufacturing facilities


AeroCharge Long-range RFID reader

Long-range RFID reader

AeroCharge UHF RFID inlay

UHF RFID inlay

Contact us for more information on our technology and to discuss if AeroCharge inventory tracking solution is right for your business.

Hardware Specs

Reader Range

Up to 100 feet

Transmit Power

Configurable up to 10 Watts

Delivered Power to an inlay

0.5 mW / -3 dBm

Inlay Output Voltage

1 Volt

Operating temperature

-20C to 85C

Required Certifications

FCC Title 47 Part 15 & 18