AeroOne Receiver Modules

AeroCharge receiver modules are designed for charging of battery powered electronics focusing on personal, office and smart home devices. Receiver modules feature a modular rectenna architecture ideal for applications having varying power and range requirements. Output voltage is regulated with a DC-DC buck/boost mode converter allowing simple configuration for different battery voltages. A number of different interfaces to the main application processor are available including BLE, JTAG, I2C, and UART making integration seamless.

Model: ACP1100RXW US Patent: 11,081,910 Categories: , ,


    • Closed loop charging
      • BLE two-way communication between charger and peripheral devices
      • Received power monitoring during device charging
    • Open loop charging
      • Ideal for testing, and calibration
    • Module host interface: BLE, I2C, JTAG, and UART
    • FOD
    • Some of the modules feature a custom USB-C controller to allow the receiver module to act as an upstream and downstream USB-C device eliminating the need for an extra battery for keeping the uC powered on
    • Required certifications: FCC Title 47 Part 15 & 18

Ordering Information


Part Number

Max Output Power




0.1 Watt

1.0in x 1.0in x 0.16in

10 week lead time


0.25 Watt

2.5in x 2.0in x 0.16in

10 week lead time


0.5 Watt

3.3in x 2.8in x 0.16in

10 week lead time


1.5 Watt

5.0in x 4.5in x 0.16in

10 week lead time


Request Documentation

  • Datasheet
  • Getting started guide

Technical Specifications

Personal devices

Industrial IoT / Passive RFID / Retail /

Max Charging Distance

3 feet

165 feet

Receiver Output Power

1 Milliwatt – 0.5 Watts

1 Milliwatt – 1 Watt

Receiver Output Voltage

1 – 6 Volts

Field of View

± 45 degrees / 90 degrees

Operating temperature

-20C to 85C

Number of devices charging at the same time



Planned Certifications

FCC Title 47 Part 15 & 18

Other Features

Input connector: USB-C.
Foreign Object Detection.
BLE two-way communication with receiver.


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