AeroOne Evaluation Kit

  • AeroOne evaluation kit is a great tool for wireless charging rapid prototyping and use case validation.
  • The kit includes a configurable AeroOne source and two different size AeroOne receivers.
  • The source features a modular digital beamforming phased array antenna design ideal for applications having varying power and range requirements.
Model: ACP4-EVAL-KIT US Patent: 11,081,910 Categories: , ,



Eliminate cost and inconvenience of batteries and battery replacements.
AeroOne source locates devices and sensors automatically to deliver power.
AeroOne receivers are available in different sizes and power levels.
The power signal passes through common materials such as wood, plastic, glass and quartz allowing for convenient source placement.




How it Works

Connect the source to AC power.

In range devices are automatically located.

Multiple devices are powered at the same time.

What’s needed

AeroOne Charger


AeroOne Receiver


What’s included in the box


AeroOne Wireless Charger

Two AeroOne Wireless Receivers

USB-PD wall adapter

USB-C cable (3.3 feet)



  • Closed loop charging
    • BLE two-way communication between charger and peripheral devices
    • Proprietary charger scan for identifying location of peripheral devices
    • Delivered power monitoring during device charging
  • Open loop charging
    • Ideal for testing, calibration and slave mode operation
    • USB – C serial interface for PC control
    • AeroCharge software available to assist with development and validation
  • Interface to host uC: BLE, USB, I2C, JTAG, and UART
  • USB-C connector offers universal 30+ Watt power adapter compatibility
  • FOD
  • Required certifications: FCC Title 47 Part 15 & 18

Request Documentation

  • Getting started guide




Technical Specification


Charging Distance

Depends on application
(3 feet minimum)

Transmit Power

Configurable up to 10 Watts

Transmitter Input Voltage (USB-PD)

20 Volts

Transmitter Current Draw

Up to 2.5 amps

Receiver Output Power

Up to 1 Watt

Receiver Output Voltage

Configurable 1 – 5 Volts

Field of View

± 30 degrees / 60 degrees

Operating temperature

-20C to 85C

Number of devices charging at the same time


Required Certifications

FCC Title 47 Part 15 & 18

Other Features

Input connector: USB-C.
Foreign Object Detection.
BLE two-way communication with receiver.


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